random tv the movie

June 18, 2010

random tv the movie is here



no posts? no videos? i can explain

June 13, 2010

hey guys as you may know i havnt been making any vids lately probely because im hard at work for random tv the movie and 2 surprises im working on ill give you a hint for one of them the number 202 is involved alot and to make it alot worst ive only just finished half of the movie and i only have a few days left so i gotta have lots of time so yea thats all for now bye oh wait i forgot one thing i no you no should of posted the cheats for the updates but he didnt so the only cheat thing we have right now is that pin tracker ok so NOW thats all for now bye


new .tk domain + sneak peeks

June 4, 2010

hey guys kitti here

as you know the co.cc domain was totally ruined and we cannot use it again as something went wrong with the nameservers so we are gonna get a .tk domain we should have it in an estimated amount of 2 weeks anyways………. i have got some sneak peeks for a upcoming video you may know as random tv the movie so i have 2 sneak peeks here the 2nd one doesnt show much but the 1rst one is part of a very random part

soooooooo here they are

(sorry its so big)

and i have trying to get the blog popular as it would really help if you could help me advertise and if you can thanks



June 1, 2010

just a quick notice a video will be coming out today


video schedule

May 29, 2010

hey guys kitti here

i decided to make a video schedule so you know when videos will come out well on monday-friday i will be making 2 videos and on saturday i will release 1 and on sunday i will release the other and a new random tv episode will always come out on a sunday (expect the new rtv movie that will be coming out on a friday) so i just wanted to have that cleared up so yea and this is the new video schedule

NOTE: this will start next weekend and not this one


new WLMM

May 24, 2010

hey guys i just got windows live movie maker and it will now be my new video editor and also we are looking for authors to post cheats as i will only be giving updates on KRP so if you want to be an author contact me at kittirocks25@gmail.com

bye for now

KRP comic #1

May 23, 2010

heres the first KRP comic