clubpenguin SWF

here is a complete list of all cp SWF that can be accessed by web

Club Penguin Catalogs:
•Unlock Catalog:
•Unlock Catalog Series 2:
•Unlock Catalog Series 3:
•Unlock Catalog Series 4:
•Unlock Catalog Series 5:
•Unlock Catalog Series 6:
•Unlock Catalog Series 7:
•Unlock Catalog Series 8:
Club Penguin Rooms:
•Box Dimension:
•Cave Mine:
•Coffee Shop:
•Dojo Exit:
•Dojo Fire:
•Dojo Hide:
•Ship Hold:
•Ship Nest:
•Ship Quarters:
Club Penguin Party Rooms:
Note: Club Penguin party swfs may not work all of the time.

Club Penguin Books:
•Give Tour:
•Xmas Book1:
•Xmas Book2:
•Xmas Book3:
Club Penguin Mission Awards:
•Boiler Spoiler Foiler Medal:
•Coins for Change:
•Cool Gift:
•Cove Map:
•Electromagnet 1000 BluePrints:
•Electromagnet Medal:
•Employee of the Month:
•Golden Box Medal:
•Golden Investigative Medal:
•Golden Puffle Award:
•Golden Sled Award:
•Handy Penguin Award:
•Honorary Member of Blue Team:
•Letter from Aunt Arctic:
•Letter from G:
•Secret Squad Success Medal:
•Silver Watch Medal:
•Starter Deck:
•Stealth Spy Surveillance Medal:
•Wilderness Survival Medal:
Club Penguin Music:
•12th Fish Play:
•Agent HQ:
•Alien Play:
•April Fools Party ’08:
•Aqua Grabber 2:
•Aqua Grabber:
•Back in Time Play:
•Beach Mix:
•Bean Counter:
•Boiler Room/Dance Lounge:
•Camp Party 2:
•Camp Party ‘07:
•Cart Surfer:
•Catchin’ Waves:
•Christmas Jam:
•Coffee Shop:
•Cool Surf:
•Dance Mix:
•Driving Guitar:
•Egyptian Play:
•Fall Fair 2:
•Fall Fair 3:
•Festival of Snow:
•Halloween ‘06 and ’07:
•Hard Rock:
•Hydro Hopper:
•Ice Fishing:
•Ice Fishing Remix:
•Igloo Music:
•Jazz Piano:
•Jet pack Adventure:
•Jingle Bells, Christmas ‘07:
•Mascot Play:
•Mine Opening/Sub-Marine Party 1:
•Mine Opening/Sub-Marine Party 2:
•Night Club:
•Pirate Party/Ocean Voyage:
•Pizza Parlour:
•Pizzatron 3000:
•Puffle Roundup:
•Rally Play:
•Spooky Egyptian:
•St.Patricks day ’08:
•Summer Party:
•Summer ‘09:
•Summer Party ‘08:
•Summer ‘07:
•Superhero Play:
•Thin Ice:
•Water Party:
•Winter Fiesta ‘08:
•Winter Fiesta ’07:

if you are going to use these please give credit to kittirocks25


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